win2000 2003命令大全

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 accwiz.exe > Accessibility Wizard for walking you through setting up your machine for your mobility needs. 辅助工具向导

acsetups.exe > ACS setup DCOM server executable actmovie.exe > Direct Show setup tool 直接显示安装工具

append.exe > Allows programs to open data in specified directories as if they were in the current directory. 允许程序打开制定目录中的数据

arp.exe > NETWORK Display and modify IP - Hardware addresses 显示和更改计算机的IP与硬件物理地址的对应列表

at.exe > AT is a scheduling utility also included with UNIX 计划运行任务

atmadm.exe > Displays statistics for ATM call manager. ATM调用管理器统计

attrib.exe > Display and modify attributes for files and folders 显示和更改文件和文件夹属性

autochk.exe > Used to check and repair Windows File Systems 检测修复文件系统

autoconv.exe > Automates the file system conversion during reboots 在启动过程中自动转化系统

autofmt.exe > Automates the file format process during reboots 在启动过程中格式化进程

autolfn.exe > Used for formatting long file names 使用长文件名格式

bootok.exe > Boot acceptance application for registry

bootvrfy.exe > Bootvrfy.exe, a program included in Windows 2000 that notifies the system that startup was successful. Bootvrfy.exe can be run on a local or remote computer. 通报启动成功

cacls.exe > Displays or modifies access control lists (ACLs) of files. 显示和编辑ACL

calc.exe > Windows Calculators 计算器

cdplayer.exe > Windows CD Player CD播放器

change.exe > Change { User | Port | Logon } 与终端服务器相关的查询
charmap.exe > Character Map 字符映射表

chglogon.exe > Same as using "Change Logon" 启动或停用会话记录

chgport.exe > Same as using "Change Port" 改变端口(终端服务)

chgusr.exe > Same as using "Change User" 改变用户(终端服务)

chkdsk.exe > Check the hard disk for errors similar to Scandisk 3

Stages must specify a Drive Letter 磁盘检测程序

chkntfs.exe > Same as using chkdsk but for NTFS NTFS磁盘检测程序

cidaemon.exe > Component of Ci Filer Service 组成Ci文档服务

cipher.exe > Displays or alters the encryption of directories [files] on NTFS partitions. 在NTFS上显示或改变加密的文件或目录

cisvc.exe > Content Index -- It's the content indexing service for I 索引内容

ckcnv.exe > Cookie Convertor 变换Cookie

cleanmgr.exe > Disk Cleanup, popular with Windows 98 磁盘清理

cliconfg.exe > SQL Server Client Network Utility SQL客户网络工具

clipbrd.exe > Clipboard viewer for Local will allow you to connect to other clipboards 剪贴簿查看器

clipsrv.exe > Start the clipboard Server 运行Clipboard服务

clspack.exe > CLSPACK used to create a file listing of system packages 建立系统文件列表清单

cluster.exe > Display a cluster in a domain 显示域的集群

_cmd_.exe > Famous command prompt 没什么好说的!

cmdl32.exe > Connection Manager Auto-Download 自动下载连接管理

cmmgr32.exe > Connection Manager 连接管理器

cmmon32.exe > Connection Manager Monitor 连接管理器监视

cmstp.exe > Connection Manager Profile Manager 连接管理器配置文件安装程序

comclust.exe > about cluster server 集群

comp.exe > ComClust Add, Remove, or Join a cluster. 比较两个文件和文件集的内容*

compact.exe > Displays or alters the compression of files on NTFS

partitions. 显示或改变NTFS分区上文件的压缩状态

conime.exe > Console IME IME控制台

control.exe > Starts the control panel 控制面板

convert.exe > Convert File System to NTFS 转换文件系统到NTFS

convlog.exe > Converts MS IIS log files 转换IIS日志文件格式到NCSA格式

cprofile.exe > Copy profiles 转换显示模式

cscript.exe > MS Windows Scripts Host Version 5.1 较本宿主版本

csrss.exe > Client Server Runtime Process 客户服务器Runtime进程

csvde.exe > Comma Separated Variable Import/Export Utility 日至格式转换程序

dbgtrace.exe > 和Terminal Server相关

dcomcnfg.exe > Display the current DCOM configuration. DCOM配置属性

dcphelp.exe > ? dcpromo.exe > Promote a domain controller to ADSI AD安装向导

ddeshare.exe > Display DDE shares on local or remote computer DDE共享

ddmprxy.exe > debug.exe > Runs Debug, a program testing and editing tool. 就是DEBUG啦!

dfrgfat.exe > Defrag FAT file system FAT分区磁盘碎片整理程序

dfrgntfs.exe > Defrag NTFS file system NTFS分区磁盘碎片整理程序

dfs_cmd_.exe > configures a Dfs tree 配置一个DFS树

dfsinit.exe > Distributed File System Initialization 分布式文件系统初始化

dfssvc.exe > Distributed File System Server 分布式文件系统服务器

diantz.exe > MS Cabinet Maker 制作CAB文件

diskperf.exe > Starts physical Disk Performance counters 磁盘性能计数器

dllhost.exe > dllhost is used on all versions of Windows 2000. dllhost is the hedost process for all COM+ applications. 所有COM+应用软件的主进程

dllhst3g.exe > dmadmin.exe > Disk Manager Service 磁盘管理服务

dmremote.exe > Part of disk management 磁盘管理服务的一部分

dns.exe > DNS Applications DNS

doskey.exe > recalls Windows command lines and creates macros 命令行创建宏

dosx.exe > DOS Extender DOS扩展

dplaysvr.exe > Direct Play Helper 直接运行帮助

drwatson.exe > Dr Watson for 2000 Fault Detector 华生医生错误检测

drwtsn32.exe > Dr Watson for 2000 viewer and configuration manager 华生医生显示和配置管理

dtcsetup.exe > Installs MDTC

dvdplay.exe > Windows 2000 DVD player DVD播放

dxdiag.exe > Direct-X Diagnostics Direct-X诊断工具

edlin.exe > line-oriented text editor. 命令行的文本编辑器(历史悠久啊!)

edlin.exe > line-oriented text editor. 命令行的文本编辑器(历史悠久啊!)

esentutl.exe > MS Database Utility MS数据库工具

eudcedit.exe > Private character editor Ture Type造字程序

eventvwr.exe > Windows 2000 Event Viewer 事件查看器

evnt_cmd_.exe > Event to trap translator; Configuration tool

evntwin.exe > Event to trap translator setup

exe2bin.exe > Converts EXE to binary format 转换EXE文件到二进制

expand.exe > Expand Files that have been compressed 解压缩

extrac32.exe > CAB File extraction utility 解CAB工具

fastopen.exe > Fastopen tracks the location of files on a hard disk and stores the information in memory for fast access. 快速访问在内存中的硬盘文件

faxcover.exe > Fax Cover page editor 传真封面编辑

faxqueue.exe > Display Fax Queue 显示传真队列

faxsend.exe > Fax Wizard for sending faxes 发送传真向导

faxsvc.exe > Starts fax server 启动传真服务

fc.exe > Compares two files or sets of files and their differences 比较两个文件的不同

find.exe > Searches for a text string in file or files 查找文件中的文本行
findstr.exe > Searches for strings in files 查找文件中的行

finger.exe > Fingers a user and displays statistics on that user Finger一个用户并显示出统计结果

fixmapi.exe > Fix mapi files 修复MAPI文件

flattemp.exe > Enable or disable temporally directories 允许或者禁用临时文件目录

fontview.exe > Display fonts in a font file 显示字体文件中的字体

forcedos.exe > Forces a file to start in dos mode. 强制文件在DOS模式下运行

freecell.exe > Popular Windows Game 空当接龙

ftp.exe > File Transfer Protocol used to transfer files over a network connection 就是FTP了

gdi.exe > Graphic Device Interface 图形界面驱动

grovel.exe > grpconv.exe > Program Manager Group Convertor 转换程序管理员组

help.exe > displays help for Windows 2000 commands 显示帮助

hostname.exe > Display hostname for machine. 显示机器的Hostname

ie4uinit.exe > IE5 User Install tool IE5用户安装工具

ieshwiz.exe > Customize folder wizard 自定义文件夹向导

iexpress.exe > Create and setup packages for install 穿件安装包

iisreset.exe > Restart IIS Admin Service 重启IIS服务

internat.exe > Keyboard Language Indicator Applet 键盘语言指示器

ipconfig.exe > Windows 2000 IP configuration. 察看IP配置

ipsecmon.exe > IP Security Monitor IP安全监视器

ipxroute.exe > IPX Routing and Source Routing Control Program IPX路由和源路由控制程序

irftp.exe > Setup FTP for wireless communication 无线连接

ismserv.exe > Intersite messaging Service 安装或者删除

Service Control Manager中的服务

jdbgmgr.exe > Microsoft debugger for java 4 Java4的调试器

jetconv.exe > Convert a Jet Engine Database 转换Jet Engine数据库

jetpack.exe > Compact Jet Database. 压缩Jet数据库

jview.exe > Command-line loader for Java Java的命令行装载者

krnl386.exe > Core Component for Windows 2000 2000的核心组件

label.exe > Change label for drives 改变驱动器的卷标

lcwiz.exe > License Compliance Wizard for local or remote systems. 许可证符合向导

ldifde.exe > LDIF cmd line manager LDIF目录交换命令行管理

licmgr.exe > Terminal Server License Manager 终端服务许可协议管理

lights.exe > display connection status lights 显示连接状况

llsmgr.exe > Windows 2000 License Manager 2000许可协议管理

llssrv.exe > Start the license Server 启动许可协议服务器

lnkstub.exe > locator.exe > RPC Locator 远程定位

lodctr.exe > Load perfmon counters 调用性能计数

logoff.exe > Log current user off. 注销用户

lpq.exe > Displays status of a remote LPD queue 显示远端的LPD打印队列的状态,显示被送到基于Unix的服务器的打印任务

lpr.exe > Send a print job to a network printer. 重定向打印任务到网络中的打印机。通常用于Unix客户打印机将打印任务发送给连接了打印设备的NT的打印机服务器。

lsass.exe > LSA Executable and Server DLL 运行LSA和Server的DLL

lserver.exe > Specifies the new DNS domain for the default server 指定默认Server新的DNS域

macfile.exe > Used for managing MACFILES 管理MACFILES

magnify.exe > Used to magnify the current screen 放大镜

makecab.exe > MS Cabinet Maker 制作CAB文件

mdm.exe > Machine Debug Manager 机器调试管理

mem.exe > Display current Memory stats 显示内存状态

migpwd.exe > Migrate passwords. 迁移密码

mmc.exe > Microsoft Management Console 控制台

mnmsrvc.exe > Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing NetMeeting远程桌面共享

mobsync.exe > Manage Synchronization. 同步目录管理器

mountvol.exe > Creates, deletes, or lists a volume mount point. 创建、删除或列出卷的装入点。

mplay32.exe > MS Media Player 媒体播放器

mpnotify.exe > Multiple Provider Notification application 多提供者通知应用程序

mqbkup.exe > MS Message Queue Backup and Restore Utility 信息队列备份和恢复工具

mqexchng.exe > MSMQ Exchange Connector Setup 信息队列交换连接设置

mqmig.exe > MSMQ Migration Utility 信息队列迁移工具

mqsvc.exe > ?

mrinfo.exe > Multicast routing using SNMP 使用SNMP多点传送路由

mscdexnt.exe > Installs MSCD (MS CD Extensions) 安装MSCD

msdtc.exe > Dynamic Transaction Controller Console 动态事务处理控制台

msg.exe > Send a message to a user local or remote. 发送消息到本地或远程客户

mshta.exe > HTML Application HOST HTML应用程序主机

msiexec.exe > Starts Windows Installer Program 开始Windows安装程序

mspaint.exe > Microsoft Paint 画板

msswchx.exe >

mstask.exe > Task Schedule Program 任务计划表程序

mstinit.exe > Task scheduler setup 任务计划表安装

narrator.exe > Program will allow you to have a narrator for reading. Microsoft讲述人

nbtstat.exe > Displays protocol stats and current TCP/IP connections using NBT 使用 NBT(TCP/IP 上的 NetBIOS)显示协议统计和当前 TCP/IP 连接。

nddeapir.exe > NDDE API Server side NDDE API服务器端

net.exe > Net Utility 详细用法看/?

net1.exe > Net Utility updated version from MS Net的升级版

netdde.exe > Network DDE will install itself into the background 安装自己到后台

netsh.exe > Creates a shell for network information 用于配置和监控 Windows 2000 命令行脚本接口。

netstat.exe > Displays current connections. 显示协议统计和当前的 TCP/IP 网络连接。

nlsfunc.exe > Loads country-specific information 加载特定国家(地区)的信息。Windows 2000 和 MS-DOS 子系统不使用该命令。接受该命令只是为了与 MS-DOS 文件兼容。

notepad.exe > Opens Windows 2000 Notepad 记事本

nslookup.exe > Displays information for DNS 该诊断工具显示来自域名系统 (DNS) 名称服务器的信息。

ntbackup.exe > Opens the NT Backup Utility 备份和故障修复工具

ntbooks.exe > Starts Windows Help Utility 帮助

ntdsutil.exe > Performs DB maintenance of the ADSI 完成ADSI的DB的维护

ntfrs.exe > NT File Replication Service NT文件复制服务

ntfrsupg.exe > ntkrnlpa.exe > Kernel patch 核心补丁

ntoskrnl.exe > Core NT Kernel KT的核心

ntsd.exe > ntvdm.exe > Simulates a 16-bit Windows environment 模拟16位Windows环境

nw16.exe > Netware Redirector NetWare转向器

nwscript.exe > runs netware scripts 运行Netware脚本

odbcad32.exe > ODBC 32-bit Administrator 32位ODBC管理

odbcconf.exe > Configure ODBC driver's and data source's from command line 命令行配置ODBC驱动和数据源

os2.exe > An OS/2 Warp Server (os2 /o) OS/2

os2srv.exe > An OS/2 Warp Server OS/2 os2ss.exe > An OS/2 Warp Server OS/2

osk.exe > On Screen Keyboard 屏幕键盘

packager.exe > Windows 2000 Packager Manager 对象包装程序

pathping.exe > Combination of Ping and Tracert 包含Ping和Tracert的程序

pax.exe > is a POSIX program and path names used as arguments must be specified in POSIX format. Use "//C/Users/Default" instead of "C:\USERS\DEFAULT." 启动便携式存档互换 (Pax) 实用程序

pentnt.exe > Used to check the Pentium for the floating point division error. 检查Pentium的浮点错误

perfmon.exe > Starts Windows Performance Monitor 性能监视器

ping.exe > Packet Internet Groper 验证与远程计算机的连接

posix.exe > Used for backward compatibility with Unix 用于兼容Unix

print.exe > Cmd line used to print files 打印文本文件或显示打印队列的内容。

progman.exe > Program manager 程序管理器

proquota.exe > Profile quota program

psxss.exe > POSIX Subsystem Application Posix子系统应用程序

qappsrv.exe > Displays the available application terminal servers on the network 在网络上显示终端服务器可用的程序

qprocess.exe > Display information about processes local or remote 在本地或远程显示进程的信息(需终端服务)

query.exe > Query TERMSERVER user process and sessions 查询进程和对话

quser.exe > Display information about a user logged on 显示用户登陆的信息(需终端服务)

qwinsta.exe > Display information about Terminal Sessions. 显示终端服务的信息

rasadmin.exe > Start the remote access admin service 启动远程访问服务

rasautou.exe > Creates a RAS connection 建立一个RAS连接

rasdial.exe > Dial a connection 拨号连接 rasphone.exe > Starts a RAS connection 运行RAS连接

rcp.exe > Copies a file from and to a RCP service. 在 Windows 2000 计算机和运行远程外壳端口监控程序 rshd 的系统之间复制文件

rdpclip.exe > RdpClip allows you to copy and paste files between a terminal session and client console session. 再终端和本地复制和粘贴文件

recover.exe > Recovers readable information from a bad or defective disk 从坏的或有缺陷的磁盘中恢复可读取的信息。

redir.exe > Starts the redirector service 运行重定向服务

regedt32.exe > 32-bit register service 32位注册服务

regini.exe > modify registry permissions from within a script 用脚本修改注册许可

register.exe > Register a program so it can have special execution characteristics. 注册包含特殊运行字符的程序

regsvc.exe > regsvr32.exe > Registers and unregister's dll's. As to how and where it register's them I dont know. 注册和反注册DLL

regtrace.exe > Options to tune debug options for applications failing to dump trace statements Trace 设置

regwiz.exe > Registration Wizard 注册向导

remrras.exe > replace.exe > Replace files 用源目录中的同名文件替换目标目录中的文件。

reset.exe > Reset an active section 重置活动部分

rexec.exe > Runs commands on remote hosts running the REXEC service. 在运行 REXEC 服务的远程计算机上运行命令。rexec 命令在执行指定命令前,验证远程计算机上的用户名,只有安装了 TCP/IP 协议后才可以使用该命令。

risetup.exe > Starts the Remote Installation Service Wizard. 运行远程安装向导服务

route.exe > display or edit the current routing tables. 控制网络路由表

routemon.exe > no longer supported 不再支持了!

router.exe > Router software that runs either on a dedicated DOS or on an OS/2 system. Route软件在 DOS或者是OS/2系统

rsh.exe > Runs commands on remote hosts running the RSH service 在运行 RSH 服务的远程计算机上运行命令

rsm.exe > Mounts and configures remote system media 配置远程系统媒体

rsnotify.exe > Remote storage notification recall 远程存储通知回显

rsvp.exe > Resource reservation protocol 源预约协议

runas.exe > RUN a program as another user 允许用户用其他权限运行指定的工具和程序

rundll32.exe > Launches a 32-bit dll program 启动32位DLL程序

runonce.exe > Causes a program to run during startup 运行程序再开始菜单中

rwinsta.exe > Reset the session subsystem hardware and software to known initial values 重置会话子系统硬件和软件到最初的值

savedump.exe > Does not write to e:\winnt\user.dmp 不写入User.dmp中

scardsvr.exe > Smart Card resource management server 子能卡资源管理服务器

schupgr.exe > It will read the schema update files (.ldf files) and upgrade the schema. (part of ADSI) 读取计划更新文件和更新计划

secedit.exe > Starts Security Editor help 自动安全性配置管理

services.exe > Controls all the services 控制所有服务

sethc.exe > Set High Contrast - changes colours and display mode Logoff to set it back to normal 设置高对比

setreg.exe > Shows the Software Publishing State Key Values 显示软件发布的国家语言

setup.exe > GUI box prompts you to goto control panel to configure system components 安装程序(转到控制面板)

setver.exe > Set Version for Files 设置 MS-DOS 子系统向程序报告的 MS-DOS 版本号

sfc.exe > System File Checker test and check system files for integrity 系统文件检查

sfmprint.exe > Print Services for Macintosh 打印Macintosh服务

sfmpsexe.exe > sfmsvc.exe > shadow.exe > Monitor another Terminal Services session. 监控另外一台中端服务器会话

share.exe > Windows 2000 和 MS-DOS 子系统不使用该命令。接受该命令只是为了与 MS-DOS 文件兼容

shmgrate.exe > shrpubw.exe > Create and Share folders 建立和共享文件夹

sigverif.exe > File Signature Verification 文件签名验证

skeys.exe > Serial Keys utility 序列号制作工具

smlogsvc.exe > Performance Logs and Alerts 性能日志和警报

smss.exe > sndrec32.exe > starts the Windows Sound Recorder 录音机
sndvol32.exe > Display the current volume information 显示声音控制信息

snmp.exe > Simple Network Management Protocol used for Network Mangement 简单网络管理协议 snmptrap.exe > Utility used with SNMP SNMP工具

sol.exe > Windows Solitaire Game 纸牌 sort.exe > Compares files and Folders 读取输入、排序数据并将结果写到屏幕、文件和其他设备上

SPOOLSV.EXE > Part of the spooler service for printing 打印池服务的一部分

sprestrt.exe > srvmgr.exe > Starts the Windows Server Manager 服务器管理器

stimon.exe > WDM StillImage- > Monitor stisvc.exe > WDM StillImage- > Service subst.exe > Associates a path with a drive letter 将路径与驱动器盘符关联

svchost.exe > Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). DLL得主进程

syncapp.exe > Creates Windows Briefcase. 创建Windows文件包

sysedit.exe > Opens Editor for 4 system files 系统配置编辑器

syskey.exe > Encrypt and secure system database NT账号数据库按群工具

sysocmgr.exe > Windows 2000 Setup 2000安装程序

systray.exe > Starts the systray in the lower right corner. 在低权限运行systray

taskman.exe > Task Manager 任务管理器

taskmgr.exe > Starts the Windows 2000 Task Manager 任务管理器

tcmsetup.exe > telephony client wizard 电话服务客户安装

tcpsvcs.exe > TCP Services TCP服务 .exe > Telnet Utility used to connect to Telnet Server

termsrv.exe > Terminal Server 终端服务

tftp.exe > Trivial FTP 将文件传输到正在运行 TFTP 服务的远程计算机或从正在运行 TFTP 服务的远程计算机传输文件

tftpd.exe > Trivial FTP Daemon

themes.exe > Change Windows Themes 桌面主题

tlntadmn.exe > Telnet Server Administrator Telnet服务管理

tlntsess.exe > Display the current Telnet Sessions 显示目前的Telnet会话

tlntsvr.exe > Start the Telnet Server 开始Telnet服务

tracert.exe > Trace a route to display paths 该诊断实用程序将包含不同生存时间 (TTL) 值的 Internet 控制消息协议 (ICMP) 回显数据包发送到目标,以决定到达目标采用的路由

tsadmin.exe > Terminal Server Administrator 终端服务管理器

tscon.exe > Attaches a user session to a terminal session. 粘贴用户会话到终端对话

tsdiscon.exe > Disconnect a user from a terminal session 断开终端服务的用户

tskill.exe > Kill a Terminal server process 杀掉终端服务

tsprof.exe > Used with Terminal Server to query results. 用终端服务得出查询结果

tsshutdn.exe > Shutdown the system 关闭系统

unlodctr.exe > Part of performance monitoring 性能监视器的一部分

upg351db.exe > Upgrade a jet database 升级Jet数据库

ups.exe > UPS service UPS服务

user.exe > Core Windows Service Windows核心服务

userinit.exe > Part of the winlogon process Winlogon进程的一部分

usrmgr.exe > Start the windows user manager for domains 域用户管理器

utilman.exe > This tool enables an administrator to designate which computers automatically open accessibility tools when Windows 2000 starts. 指定2000启动时自动打开那台机器

verifier.exe > Driver Verifier Manager Driver Verifier Manager

vwipxspx.exe > Loads IPX/SPX VDM 调用IPX/SPX VDM

w32tm.exe > Windows Time Server 时间服务器

wextract.exe > Used to extract windows files 解压缩Windows文件

winchat.exe > Opens Windows Chat 打开Windows聊天

winhlp32.exe > Starts the Windows Help System 运行帮助系统

winlogon.exe > Used as part of the logon process. Logon进程的一部分

winmine.exe > windows Game 挖地雷

winmsd.exe > Windows Diagnostic utility 系统信息

wins.exe > Wins Service Wins服务

winspool.exe > Print Routing 打印路由

winver.exe > Displays the current version of Windows 显示Windows版本

wizmgr.exe > Starts Windows Administration Wizards Windows管理向导

wjview.exe > Command line loader for Java 命令行调用Java

wowdeb.exe > . For starters, the 32-bit APIs require that the WOWDEB.EXE task runs in the target debugee's VM 启动时,32位API需要

wowexec.exe > For running Windows over Windows Applications 在Windows应用程序上运行Windows wpnpinst.exe > ?

write.exe > Starts MS Write Program 写字板

wscript.exe > Windows Scripting Utility 脚本工具

wupdmgr.exe > Starts the Windows update Wizard (Internet) 运行Windows升级向导

xcopy.exe > Used to copy directories 复制文件和目录,包括子目录



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