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修复120多个bug,解决了一些安全问题.建议所有用户升级. 提供本地下载.

更多信息请参看PHP 5 ChangeLog.

[01-May-2006] The PHP development team is proud to announce the release of PHP 5.1.3. This release combines small number of feature enhancements with a significant amount of bug fixes and resolves a number of security issues. All PHP users are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. Some of the key changes of PHP 5.1.3 include:

  • Disallow certain characters in session names.
  • Fixed a buffer overflow inside the wordwrap() function.
  • Prevent jumps to parent directory via the 2nd parameter of the tempnam() function.
  • Enforce safe_mode for the source parameter of the copy() function.
  • Fixed cross-site scripting inside the phpinfo() function.
  • Fixed offset/length parameter validation inside the substr_compare() function.
  • Fixed a heap corruption inside the session extension.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow variable to survive unset().
  • Fixed a number of crashes in the DOM, SOAP and PDO extensions.
  • Upgraded bunbled PCRE library to version 6.6
  • The use of the var keyword to declare properties no longer raises a deprecation E_STRICT.
  • FastCGI interface was completely reimplemented.
  • Multitude of improvements to the SPL, SimpleXML, GD, CURL and Reflection extensions.
  • Over 120 various bug fixes.


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